Tuesday, February 24, 2009

why walk ...

...when you can dance?

i live in a subdivision on one of the many hills of quezon city, where the view is still pretty fair. going out of it, the road slopes downwards, making hurrying to work a breeze. going home, though, it's another story. though our street is only three 'blocks' away from the guard house, it's a pain to trudge up sometimes, especially if i'm tired from the day. i don't take the tricycle nor the service because it would just be a waste of money (and calorie-burning opportunity!). so, i find ways to enjoy the short walk:

  1. i sing (making sure no one else is around or behind me);
  2. i recite poetry (the ones i know by heart, but usually it's that poem by dimalanta); and
  3. i dance.
okay, not really dance, but i keep a beat. enter my trusty tiny mp3 player and the following sixties, motown, alternative, neo-classical, and indie hits, and i'm good to go:

top choice: september - earth wind and fire
trust me, following the beat of this song makes the walk a lot shorter, and adds oomph to the 'walk'--i sashay up the street, like a disco girl slash cat on a runway. plus, i grew up with that song. hahaha.

other picks:
  • the way you make me feel - michael jackson. this one makes me wanna do some serious twirling while walking.
  • crazy little thing called love - queen. ever seen me boogie home?
  • we're from barcelona - i'm from barcelona. makes me feel like i have a slew of friends going arm-in-arm with me.
  • variations - julian lloyd webber. i do a wicked jazz routine in my head with that cello.
  • i'm a cuckoo - belle & sebastian. side-to-side, some quickstep, and i imagine having a partner, just because.
  • build me up buttercup - the foundations. okay do i really have to explain this?
  • el scorcho - weezer. okay, not really dancing with this one. more like stomp-yer-feet, raise-yer-hands and sing-shout with me because you agree!
so there. this is my playlist for now. i haven't updated my player; i remember martin gave me some jamiroquai tracks (ohno i think i misplaced the cd!) i plan to twirl to.

oh, i am so in the mood.


and the story continues to unfold.

i'll end this post (and this day) with another geek cartoon from xkcd:

yes, smileys a-plenty.

good night and the sweetest dreams, folks. see you in the morning.


Kilawinguwak said...

you lost the cd? oh man. hahaha.

lauren said...


i'm not sure if i left it at sigwada. i was looking for it this morning...it's somewhere. somewhere.