Tuesday, March 16, 2010


or, The Boston Terrier Formerly Known As Shaquille.

Frank almost made me late today!  He insisted on seeing me off, but he wasn't ready yet!

I'm not really sure if I have eye contact with him. Hehe.

Papa teaching him to walk on a leash so he can see me off.  Note the hesitation.

Waving goodbye.

We never thought we would have a dog like this.  By 'like this' I mean 'snoutless" with large eyes, and almost no tail.  We really don't find Frank's breed "gwapo" and we say "ampanget!" whenever we see him (or talk about him).  But I think that's going to change--he's growing on us already, and we're getting used to the idea of having a dog like him as part of the family.  How large is his new family?  Well we already have two doxies, a yellow-white labrador, a golden retriever, a lab-retriever cross, two aspins, two rats, two bettas, five goldfish, a black and an albino catfish, and around thirteen (regular) cats.  So as you can see, we have our hands full already--but then came the gift that is four-month-old Frank, and we really couldn't refuse.  Look at those eyes.  Haha.  Well, his breed is good with kids and other pets, so I guess he's a keeper!  :)

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