Thursday, March 4, 2010

surprise party

i really didn't plan on celebrating my birthday in the office today since we're four people short, and i wanted to share my blessings when everyone's present.  our assistant director ordered some of my favorite food anyway, and so all i could do was er, get some ice cream.  they took care of all the rest: savory pancit canton and lumpia, chocolate cake rolls (complete with a candle!), and softdrinks.

 all i could offer

as you can see, we also invited our rector.


lots of thanks to my officemates! :)


christinesixteen said...

happy birthday lauren!!! :) sorry medyo late na, kararating ko lang kasi sa house. :D hope it was fun! God bless.

fortuitous faery said...

belated happy birthday! your ice cream completes the cake!

Kat said...

Happy birthday! :)

lauren said...

Thank you so much guys!