Thursday, March 25, 2010

just a phone call away

i remember calling him at around one in the morning just to keep him awake so he can finish working on something.  i felt like i was back in high school, trying to get myself to call my crush.  it was a butterflies-in-the-stomach-smiling-while-talking experience for me, and one i'm not likely to forget anytime soon.


Manila Girl said...

Aww. :-) I do this for The BF a lot! Hehe. I love doing it though, even if I sometimes pretend to complain. :-P

Ibyang said...

love your photo!!!! love seeing phone booths. it will always remind me of my first love hahahaha....mygod! i feel so old saying that.

lauren said...

thanks! hihihi the memories nga... :P

@Manila Girl