Sunday, January 16, 2011

december film


(photos taken with a lomo lc-a camera & a blackbird, fly, with fuji sensia slide film.)


fortuitous faery said...

i'm sorry to hear about this, but it's not the film's fault.

sometimes, it's people who suck for bad things they do.

lauren said...

yes i agree...not the film's fault. i <3 film photography, we'll stick together until i run out of film. hahah.

and when people suck, they kinda ruin all the nice things, huh?

thanks dear :)

Hazel☺ said...

nice photos! wish i have a lomo as well haha :)

<3 hazel

lauren said...


aww thanks :) any film camera would give you the awesome feeling :)

Retro Manila said...

Glorious. Loving the photos!!!

kay said...

I knew it. I was thinking, what kind of camera is this. It's cool. I like the different takes. Some look so old though I knew it was probably new shots.

Chiz Mozo said...

Wow! nice photos :) did you use colorsplash flash?

lauren said...

@Chiz Mozo

Thanks! Yup I used CS flash with some of the Blackbird, fly shots (the yellow-green ones with sprocket holes).

Thanks, I love the surprises that come with using film & different cameras. :)

@Retro Manila
Thanks--apir! :)