Friday, January 7, 2011

i want to ride my bicycle

i bought this book about a woman who, in 1894, traveled around the world on a bicycle. 

it makes me want to change my daily work schedule from 8am-5pm to 10am-7pm just so i can ride my own bicycle every morning.  good thing tomorrow's a saturday, and i can zoom around our village in a non-hurry.

my bicycle also looks very generic right now, nothing that would show it's owned by a crazy cat lady.  i'll have to do something about that.  wouldn't it be great to have a great bike plate like this?

just kidding.


bleubug said...

It must be great to live where you can bike to work!

Cures for the boring bike:

lauren said...


Oh thank you so much! Fantastic links :) Bike Project here we come!