Monday, January 3, 2011

my little desk plant and holiday updates

happy new year!

feeling much like The Little Prince who worried about his rose, i also worried about my desk plant i left in our office before the holiday vacation.  since i would be away from work, i placed it on our water dispenser by our pantry/storage area window so that it can get some light while i'm gone.

the first thing i did when i got back in the office this morning was to check my plant to see how she's doing (yes, my plant is female, heheh).  there she was:

sitting by the window,

watching the holidays pass on a quiet university street,

 and reaching out to where the light is!

plants are amazing.  this particular plant was a 2009 christmas gift to myself so i can have a little green living thing on my desk when 2010 started.  it was really nice to see she's alive and well, and coping.  we can learn so much from this little thing.  happy birthday,  little desk plant!  :) 

as for my ho-ho-holiday updates, i wrote about my wishlist in an earlier post.  well, guess what?  i was able to fulfill my own wishes! (hahaha.)  for christmas i got myself a Creative Zen X-fi, and i am very happy with it.

mr. ige accompanied me to sm north edsa annex to look for a music player, and i'm very glad we found one that we really liked.  :)

i was still itching to have a bicycle, and on december 31st after lunch, i looked again at a seller's stuff, hoping he'd have new old bikes for sale (the first bike i liked had already been sold; this was around three weeks ago).  my timing was perfect, because the seller did have new stuff--i found this classic japanese beauty:

and inquired about its availability right away.  i was really lucky because aside from its being available, the seller also offered to have it delivered right that afternoon!  from bulacan!  i was ecstatic--i was going to have a bicycle! with a basket! 

aside from the basket, the bicycle (with its original midnight blue paint) has a shimano three-speed shifter and grip shift, a nexus dynamo light with a sensor (it automatically lights up when it's dark--coolness), 26" tires, a rear tire lock (but i would still get a chain lock), a rear carrier, and a bell.  i really like the bell.  :)

i don't have a photo of myself riding it, but let me tell you, riding one after almost fifteen years was a uniquely terrifying experience.  haha.  i wobbled a lot and had difficulty controlling it at first, but after two mornings of cruising around our village (and doing lots of uphill climbs, ohhh my legs), i believe i'm getting the hang of it.  yay me!  :D

our family's holidays were spent on skype, because a lot of our relatives have migrated overseas.  technology is fun.  remember when we used telephones and voice tapes?  :P

i was also able to meet up with grade school friends over coffee.  it's funny because we look exactly the same.  well okay i'm chubbier now. hehehe.

maybe this year i'll get back to more blogging, yeah?  i post more on tumblr--it really is a distraction and is perfect for people with short attention spans, and quick things to say. heheh.  also, my weekly project/project 52 for 2010, thursday projects, has wrapped up awesomely with mr. ige's signature larvae.  i'm still thinking about what to do next, or if ever there will be a regular project for this year.  i should really be doing my thesis.  which i do plan to finish.  really.  [brb, contemplating on my academic future]
how about you guys?  how's your new year so far?  :)


Ibyang said...

happy new year Lauren!!!

congrats on getting two of the things on your wishlist. galing naman ng tadhana :)

i have yet to write my goals for 2011, so far my only achievement is getting my iTunes organized haha.

lauren said...

@Ibyang omg, that is quite a task! esp if you're oc, like my boyfriend. hahah.