Tuesday, January 4, 2011

this blogging thing

i did say something like going back to blogging, and not just the post-a-photo-write-a-caption kind of blogging.  if i'm going to write lengthily again (hello, thesis), then i have to practice writing something more than a paragraph.

i must.

now, what to write.


bleubug said...

Just write about what you are doing right now. I don't think a blog has to be chock full of adventure.

lauren said...


Thanks! I was actually thinking of making a separate blog for "creative writing" (it would be more of a writing exercise/project, really) though I haven't gotten around to doing it. Heheh. Call me Miss Lazypants.

You're absolutely right about blogging, and I think my main problem really is laziness. :P

bleubug said...

My problem too. However I am far more lazy than you so I scoff at your laziness. :P