Thursday, January 13, 2011

January images, 1

Papa & Katya on New Year's Eve

Went around on my bike on New Year's Day morning

 It was so quiet and smoggy.

My niece Miel's third birthday

 I got her a bowling set and she throws the ball at the pins like a baseball.  That's me at the right with the holiday fat.

Going back to work

My new office space has a Christmas Forever corner.

Laptop, ige's drawing of my old office space, paper clips in a film container, mouthwash, glue, and a wooden holder of assorted notes, brochures, and bookmarks (if you want a styro-free bookmark I will gladly give you one, as long as well, you pledge to be styro-free).

My Mangyan-crafted purse and belt, and memos on the wall.

The past few days have also been tumultuous in a not-so-good way, but I'm really hoping things will get better as the new days come.  After all, me being me would simply not let bad vibes ruin the rest of what could be a very good year ahead.


bleubug said...

Where is that misty place? It isn't like the Metro Manila I have in my mind.

Is there a lot of Styrofoam used there? Here we don't see it too often? Oh, maybe you mean styrene plastic stuff?

lauren said...


I live in a gated community in Quezon City with empty lots, so I'm lucky I still get to see trees around. :) Oh, and yes, I was referring to styrofoam/polystyrene food containers. A lot of that here (especially with the large number of students getting takeouts from food establishments), so we have a no-styro campaign going on ;)