Friday, January 20, 2012

"corned beef."

the first words i uttered today.

my brother was asking what the torta on the table was made of while i was having my breakfast.  by the looks of it it was corned beef, and i had earlier placed a piece of it in my lunchbox, along with garlic rice.

as a kid i wondered where the corn was, because potatoes were not corn.  eventually i just grew to accept that that's what it's called, corned beef.  and it was yummy, especially when souped.  it goes a long way when souped, and it makes me eat a lot more rice than i should.

corned beef is a staple in my student-on-community-immersion life, as something we share on our foster family's table.  as a canned good it is more expensive than most so it rarely graces big family tables, and therefore is considered special.  plus it goes a long way when souped (with cabbages and potatoes and onions).

i've taken corned beef on camping trips, because it makes breakfast on a mountain more special--imagine taking in the view of the sunrise from a mossy peak while sipping 3-in-1 coffee and eating rice from the night before but with ready-to-eat newly-cooked corned beef (guisado) on top.

for us, having a family member come home from abroad means spam in all flavors, and corned beef with potatoes, corned beef chunks, corned beef strings, and just about every corned beef creation there is. 

when there is just a little bit of corned beef left on the table (sometimes i am last to eat on weekends), i just put hot fluffy rice in the corned beef bowl and mash the rice in the oil.  it's unhealthy but it's so. darn. good.

corned beef is love.

and i suck at taking food photos.  anyway, that's my lunch.  what will you be having?

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Spiky said...

nabisita lang po.

sarap mag-Argentina, samahan pa ng patatas