Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Velada Tomasina

Today we put on our period costumes and strolled around campus.  As part of the Neocentennial Celebrations, tarpaulin likenesses of the old UST campus and Sto. Domingo Church in Intramuros were erected at Plaza Benavides (or, to the alumni out there, "Lovers' Lane").  A historical marker was unveiled, marchas were played, and carriages took us around campus.  It's interesting to see people--students, faculty, support staff--walking around in barongs and baro't sayas.  Even the guards wore the uniform of the guardia civil!

i wore a long billowy black skirt, a tapis, white baro, and a head scarf.  i would like to think that during the spanish era, i was a tindera.  or a hacienda worker in manila.  :)  behind me is the facade of the old sto. domingo church.

with the 'big men' of the university--former and current vice rectors for religious affairs (where our office falls under) 

a sea of students in period costume...and their modern-day backpacks.  at the background is the likeness of the university in intramuros.

 video crew in camisa de chinos...and a guardia civil in relaxed stance.

 i love their leather satchels!  you can see the old sto. domingo church in the background.

i wanted to approach this man and take his photo.  but i kinda lost him when i tried to walk around to the other side!  isn't he a dapper chap?  and with a film camera in his left hand too!  i didn't see what it was but it had bellows...

 watching the unveiling of the historical marker behind the benavides monument.

professors from the college of fine arts and design.

 this student's skirt was really beautiful.

 there were so many people it's hard to get a "just us" photo, haha.

tv interview (that's a real priest, btw)

 we're with the band.

with my uh, novio.  he was so sweet to come see me after his class.  he looks annoyed at the camera though.

 impeachment court.

 the historical marker. it's quite a long read.



we also got to ride a carriage. caretela?


 matador's got pink socks!

there's a tree growing from the building! :P 

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Princess Ody said...

awww this makes me wax nostalgic about my UST days!