Sunday, January 29, 2012

fifteen years

my high school friends and i had a reunion dinner of sorts as a post-christmas & new year / chinese new year celebration last january 23 at penpen's resto in cubao x (i still call it cubao x; it's expo now). 

here are some photos grabbed from dash.

 susa & dash

daboys bart & bogs

mich and her fiance jeff

me, my pimple, and susa :) we were both chewing.

my friends believe in my mathematical skill so much i am always the designated accountant after every barkada meal we have.  shouldn't forget the service charge!


bart, bogs, and his girlfriend dalyn

barkada shot!

i took a couple of photos too, haha.
 spoon & fork handles

the view from outside, by the gutter :P

and some instax shots!
i forgot to tell the staff who took the picture to point the camera a little to the right to avoid parallax error (what you see in the viewfinder isn't exactly what you'll get in the photo, as the lens is situated a little below & to the right of the viewfinder).  so i just drew bogs there instead.

there you go.  cheers to another fifteen+ + years! :)

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