Friday, January 13, 2012

sit down and write

i had more discipline when i was younger. fine, i'll blame it on twitter and tumblr and everything else on the internet, but mostly i blame myself for being easily distracted and not being able to write as much and as often as before.

i would love to write about what interests me, and not just post a photo and a caption about what happened the day before. there are several websites and blogs that inspire me--most of them are linked in the sidebar under "i like". this blog is about 'little bits of me' anyway--so here's a list of what i want to write about!

images. i'm following sociological images, and it would be great to make short entries/posts similar to those, but with a more 'filipino' look, or an anthropological take on visual subjects/topics.

places & spaces. cities, abandoned places, ruins, art spaces, walls, seats, windowsills, staircases...i love them all. why not turn my appreciation into words?


cameras. i don't do camera reviews (i am not the super technical kind of person), so maybe just a few stories about oh--relationships with cameras. yes. perhaps you can tell me your stories about your cameras--where you got them, your most memorable experience / photo...i'm just a sucker for cameras, and i have a few of them, so why not write about them? i've done a few posts, but there's nothing wrong with adding more, right?

photography. but of course! i'm no hardcore photographer who overthinks about photography and probably goes into discussions between "what is, isn't photography" so rest assured i won't be much of a snob on the subject. i will forever be a student of photography (there's something to learn everyday), so this will probably about that--my neverending exploration in capturing light.

art & design. first, a disclaimer! i have never gone to art school or taken up a design-related course. i just like to think i have an eye for these kinds of things, and well, i don't really have to explain anymore. haha.

and a lot of really random stuff. like keychains (i love keychains) and ige's toys (he has some really cool ones).

i have a lot of other interests but i don't think i'll be writing about them: books, literature, music, some forms of visual art (specifically traditional painting), food, archaeology, green architecture, movies. maybe in the future when i run out of other things to say i'll go make a post about the latest restaurant i've been to, and maybe a review of their food. for now it's just not in me, much as i love eating. :)

i used to always have something to say about everything (which is not always a good thing; enter here the numerous arguments, disagreements, misunderstandings, debates, et cetera--you get the drift--i've sparked in one way or another), and maybe it's time to just write about all these things that are in my head. with due caution and prudence of course. it's good writing practice anyway.

(i can totally see myself at a cafe somewhere, reading and writing and sketching and being all academic and artsy at the same time.  and jobless.  which makes me wonder where i'll get the money to pay for coffee/hangout time in the first place...  oh yeah.  it's not being jobless--it's freelancing!)

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kayni said...

you know, i'm going to try the one photo with a caption this year. i think it's really cool. there are days i could barely write a few sentences on my blog. i think that's because i'm too tired with school and work.

i love your photo of that old chair. reminds me of my grandpa's chair.