Tuesday, January 20, 2009

now aren't you cute

i'm waiting for my photos to be delivered.

hopefully they would have something.
i sent four rolls off to the lab:
  • roll 1: the last of the holga135 shots, and multiples using the fisheye
  • roll 2: catcam shots. santa and i are both crossing our fingers. i told him i had this tendency to overexpose. the photos are probably blurred too. oh well, let's just wait and see.
  • roll 3: the 'test roll' from reddd, the blackbird, fly. i used the square mask.
  • roll 4: i am hoping this roll is scanned correctly, with the sprocket holes. slides from reddd, without the masks. if scanned correctly, the holes should turn up. and it's slide film, something you don't really want to go to waste.
i could have sent five, but i haven't finished with the fisheye roll, and i badly wanted to see how things turn out. so there. tomorrow or thursday.

(blabbering--photography jitters)

in other news,

saturday morning i let a very hairy caterpillar in my shorts and sat on it.

saturday night i spent going around the makati-greenbelt area with the oro kids. we went to a magazine launch. had dinner. had coffee. went home.

(one of them magazines has my work for cover art. tell me when you see one, will you?)

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