Sunday, January 11, 2009

sa aking mga kababata

use 'anxious' in a sentence.

anxious ko ay bago. last pair 'yan!


this morning was miel's first birthday party. it had a prince/princess theme, but since i didn't have the time/seriousness to come up with a costume of some sort, i decided to make do with whatever was available in the house. and so, behold all ye loyal subjects, my coronation:

permit me to properly address you, my loyal subjects, some other time, as i am currently busy with kingdom chores. so far in this princess business i have learned that frog kissing really is messy (heaven knows how many frogs i've lipclapped with already), but it's something i had to do to find out which was a real prince. so far i have failed in this task--some frogs turned into whiny three-year-olds. where the @%!& are you, my prince?

the darn frog just won't croak and say so. shy much?

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