Thursday, January 22, 2009


okay, so wednesday turned into thursday when i got my photos last night. hmm. i did a very lauren-like overexposure with the catcam, which disappointed me to bits (and i'll never get any peace if i don't write it out). at least, as with every mistake, i learned. as for reddd, he is a darling (it's a he, i've decided), and loves me back. i'll post more photos in my multiply in a while, but for now:

reddd's very first shot, with the square mask and solid gold color negs. the jars in the living room at home, beside which is my workplace (the whitish light is from my desklamp). i haven't gotten used to the focusing, of course (excuses, hehehe).

susa in sigwada, during the kontra-kontra opening, reading my book. blurred (though she did as i said and stood still) and near to overexposure. again.

fuzzy giving me a stinging look, and laundry hanging out to dry. reddd again, but without any mask, so the sprockets show. i love the vintage-y tint, helped along no doubt by the fuji sensia slides.

at this resto in tomas morato i treated myself to one night after getting slides from another lomomanila member. price-y place, frequented by personalities. i got to write here. hahaha. i think this is the sharpest photo i took, and the one with the most striking contrast. again, if i hadn't released the shutter this would've been ruined by too much light. buti na lang!

one of the last photos i took with the holga135 before i had it adopted. i used the super-grainy konica centuria. it's originally a landscape photo; i just cropped it to make it look like an album cover*, poking fun (and trying my hand) at well, doing album covers! hehehe.

*back story: ige showed me a belle & sebastian call for submissions for an album cover (for their bbc sessions album), but by the time he saw it, the contest was already closed. awww. i told him we could still make our own, and i think that cheered him up. so i made him this for fun.

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