Tuesday, January 27, 2009

portraits 2003

when i first ventured into photography (reading tips and how-to's from the intarwebs), i used my lolo's canon ftql. now, i don't get to use it anymore, because i've uh, 'shifted' my attention to my other film cameras. one of these days i'll take it out on a trip again.

here are shots i took in 2003 (if i am not mistaken, and i really hope not) using the camera, during a family get-together with the santiagos. film used was kodak max 400 (at that time, yun ang meron sa bahay).

thanks susa, for thinking i'm good with cameras. i try. :)
the photos have been cropped. i think i did that because we made a slideshow or something. oh well. nostalgia.

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