Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 doables

i'll skip the intro that usually includes the year in review and instead go straight to The List.

  1. sketching and watercoloring (practice, practice!)
  2. journal writing (even snippets of the day)
  3. film photography + joining photowalks
  4. interval workouts + jogging on weekends
  5. reading
  6. crafting 
  7. drinking lots of water. i love water.
  8. getting haircuts (i like being a pixie!)
  9. working for the anthropological association of the philippines (i'm the new secretary! wish me luck!)
  10. blogging (this blog turns 5 in 2012!)
  11. traveling with miss iggy!

  1. thesis (ugh)
  2. reading (academic stuff / stuff that can improve my soc sci-media knowledge)
  3. learning to drive again 
  4. going back to yogilates (if budget permits!)
  5. writing for a (semi-)living
  6. creative journaling / a sketch/craft a day
  7. cooking
  8. scanning old photos
  9. seriously saving up for batanes (and other stuff)
  10. reviewing anthropology (since i'll be going back to school! hahaha)

so that's it. let's see how many of these i get to tick off this time next year.

1 comment:

kayni said...

i'm excited to see your list come to fruition.

happy new year!