Friday, December 16, 2011

i heart family weekend

saturday, 10th of december.  just when i thought i'd be going to the opening of our group project exhibit whilst we wait on my own, my mom said they'd be glad to see our film photographs and handwritten letters!  after lunch, my mom and i met up with my youngest sister in trinoma, after which we took the train to ayala to meet up with my younger sister in greenbelt.  we shopped around a bit before heading off to the show in 55 paseo de roxas.

 one of the panels.  my 'space' is the middle one at the leftmost side.

 younger, youngest, and mother hen.

 with my photo in the background.

i had actually forgotten what i took photos of.  it was nice to see these images again (i refrained from opening the files via computer, haha).

our handwritten letters (mine are in the box third from bottom)

 sister's got freaky eyelash shadows!

 spot the photobomber :)

 and that's us with my canonet rangefinder!

then we walked to the ayala triangle gardens for dinner.  my mom's celebrating her 52nd birthday the following day, so she said it was going to be her pre-birthday treat. yay!

 cbd! we had burgers, onion rings, and fries. 
and apple walnut pie.

 after dinner he waited for the lights and sound show to start.


 it was an awesome show.  i had goosebumps listening to the music and watching the lights!  i wish it was 30 minutes long though.

 sisters :)

after the show we took the bus home.  we were tired from all the walking we did but we had a lot of fun. 

sunday, 11th of december.  the following day was my mom's birthday and the day before mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary.  we took them out to lunch.  before we finished, my brother signaled the restaurant staff to bring out our surprise:

mini-me (super)dad and mini-me (wonder)mom!
we had the figurines custom made.
 while they were pretending to be lost in the mall my brother and sis-in-law looked for a cake to put the figurines on.

my mom found it extremely funny and amusing that the superdad really looks like my dad, gap tooth and all.

a very good likeness!  when we got home my mom put eyeshadow on her mini-me and put some gray "hairs" on my dad's mini-me, to make the figurines look more realistic. hahaha.

my sisters had to buy something from the mall.  we waited for them by hanging out in the arcade.

 see the look of concentration on my niece's face?  she's been like that ever since we got in the arcade.

this is a really challenging race...

so challenging that my dad needs an assistant!

on our way to the parking lot my niece dragged me to the ferris wheel.  best. ride. ever.

christmas is just around the corner!  i hope you have fun full of memorable, meaningful moments with your loved ones! :)  happy holidays!

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kayni said...

happy birthday to your mom. ang galing ng mga mini-me figurines; are they edible? looks like the family had a wonderful time.