Friday, December 30, 2011

(late) december sketches

i'll probably do a bit more sketching before the year ends, but let me share with you some sketches i did the past couple of weeks.  i'd like to think i'm getting better (ha ha ha).  my hands / fingers / wrist / grip really needs some loosening up (please do consider that for the past 25+ years i've been "trained" to (hand)write, so while i'd also like to think i have good penmanship (he he he)), i do love sketching, and i hope to be better at it.
my sketching goal for 2012 is to learn to draw faces.  i'm scared!  i've tried sketching some, and i'm tad embarrassed of the outcome, haha.  anyway.  here's to another year of sketching (and watercoloring!).

so.  here are my (late) december masterpieces, ladies and gentlemen. 

less than an hour after i got my 'new' camera i sketched it while having some pretty strong coffee.  didn't know what i was doing; i just needed an excuse to sit at the table and ogle at my camera.  i was actually waiting for the mall to open so i can make a beeline for the train terminal without having to sweat it out outside. heh.

the train would take me to ayala, and i walked from the station to ayala triangle for the fountain pen network-philippines' christmas penmeet at amici.  i had also wanted to drop by the urbansketchers-philippines' ayala triangle sketchwalk (since they were there at around the same time anyway), but i guess i got shy and i was late.  i'll catch them next time.  i did sketch what's on my table though.

ige and i met up to look for a christmas gift for his mom a few days later.  we had dinner at dragon wok, and i loved their pancit canton.

my family and i went to ayala triangle again a couple of days before christmas, to take my niece to see the lights and sound show.  while having merienda i sketched some dessert, a chair, part of a face (my dad's), and part of my youngest sister.  i really should learn how to draw faces.

and because we hadn't really spent some "us" time, ige and i had a post-christmas date.  while waiting for our lunch to be served we sketched.  i realized i like sketching stuff on the table.

then we went to market market to do more walking around and sketching.  afterwards we went to high street to window-shop.  because we couldn't really buy anything there.  we spent a good deal of time at fully booked though (notebooks!!! but i'm not supposed to buy any more!!!), and we had burger dinner under the stars.  with some dogs walking around.  then we went home.

that's it!  my favorite sketching tool would probably be the brushpen (the second sketch/amici table).  it's easy to make a so-so sketch look really nice. hehe. 

now, to draw a (proper) face.

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