Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wishlist, i guess

a lot has happened the past few days; unfortunately i've also been too busy to blog about them.  maybe i can squeeze in a few paragraphs and photos in tomorrow's post, assuming i actually get myself to blog about how i've been and what i've been up to.

i've been telling myself and some friends about i don't really need anything for christmas, and then i remembered it's pretty easy to justify buying needs when it's not christmas.  christmas is for wants--you won't feel guilty about buying a want during christmas.

a couple of saturdays ago i got myself sony mdr-zx100 headphones in gray (my eyes see a bit of olive drab mixed with the gray though).  i've been itching to get another pair of earphones for my laptop at home, so i won't have to remove my earphones from my media player.  i kinda live in the noisy part of the house so i was really glad to find this set in my favorite color.

as for my wishlist, here goes.

1. a ricoh gr digital iii camera.

but because that's expensive (cheapest: 19,000 pesoses) and i will be soon without a regular income, i can settle for a cheaper  wide-angled sony cyber-shot, just so i can have a digital camera i can take with me everywhere.  don't worry, i still primarily shoot with film.  :)

2. a north face recon se daypack.

because sometimes, backpacks designed for laptops (i bought one in september) just won't be able to weather it out as much as a proper daypack can.

3. this pair of keds.

because it's the only pair that caught my eye in shoe salon.

4. a schleich stegosaurus.  it's my favorite dinosaur (even if i do have a t-rex on my wall, and would like to have a t-rex pendant).

i would be glad to have a woolly mammoth parent + child too.

5. a lamy safari fountain pen in aquamarine, fitted with an xf nib.

i have a whole bunch of notebooks waiting to be written on by this baby.  hey, making the grocery list counts as writing, right?

and of course there's the usual wishes for love, happiness, and world peace.

i hope you guys have a meaningful christmas, and remember that even if we don't get what we want, we can always be thankful for what we already have. :) cheers.


Tin Rementilla said...

LOL-ing at the dinosaurs! I also want Keds. :((

kayni said...

you have a most interesting list especially the dinosaur and mammoth :). i pray you get all you wished for.

sarah said...

Dinosaurs! Now why didn't I think of that for my list? :)

Hamza Qureshi said...

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