Monday, December 19, 2011

Canon AE-1 Program Test Roll

Right after I got my Canon AE-1 Program, I loaded it immediately with Lucky 200 film.  Here are some test shots, taken during the Fountain Pen Network-Philippines' December penmeet and during my visit to sick boy ige at his home. 

Too bad about the photo lab's dirty scanner (based on these speckled photos, it looks like it hasn't been used in a while).  But aside from that, I think the camera performs beautifully.  *sigh of relief*



My only comment about the camera?  Its 'scandalous' shutter sound!  :P  I think I've grown used to the silent but deadly talent of my Canonet rangefinder, haha.  But hey it feels good to have an SLR in my hand.  And it's always nice to hear the sound of the shutter curtain opening and closing, because you know the camera is doing its job.  :)

The autoexposure function works well in low light (all of the photos here were taken indoors); I have yet to try it outdoors.  Normally I would use a higher ASA film, say, Fuji Superia 400, when I know I'll be taking indoor shots.  Using ASA 200 is kind of a 'real test' if the camera's metering and AE function works well.

That's about it for now.  Expect more photos taken with this camera!  Now, if only I can find new batteries, as I'm not sure how long the battery that's in the camera when I bought it will last.  I sure hope Hidalgo has some--the 'usual' photo labs don't carry 6-volt [A544, also known as 4LR44, 544, PX28, PX28L, and 4SR44] batteries anymore.  Wish me luck.  Anyway, long live film!


kayni said...

that's one thing i miss, shooting with real film. i love your pics. reminds me of many good memories captured on film.

bleubug said...

I've been meaning to post about this for months, but I'm slow and old. :)

My first camera was an AE-1 Program when I was in high school. Maybe a year or so later I got an A-1 (which still holds a place in my heart as the bestest ever camera). I'm glad they are still out there working and making people happy.

I often have conversations where I tell people about the resurgence of film photography I see now. It does make me happy but I always make mention of how those of us who had no choice (because of temporal location) wished for something like digital and how now people find digital soulless and seek out film. :)

Enjoy your Canon.