Sunday, December 18, 2011

day is made

Fountain Pen Network-Philippines (FPN-P) Christmas Penmeet
December 17, 2011
Amici, Ayala Triangle Gardens

i had a great time ogling at and borrowing pens, and i also realized that the lamy safari isn't for me because of its contoured grip (thanks clem!).  i ended up buying the platinum red ink (thanks john!) even though it was pretty expensive because it would go perfectly with the noodler's ahab flex pen that i won during the raffle (thanks to the donor..was it leigh?). yay!!!

 i didn't take too many digital photos because i brought a "new" film camera along.

the canon ae-1 program!  aside from the 50mm lens, it also came with a 28mm one!  i was so lucky to find this combo in very good condition, at a very good price.
[the reese's are from ige.  he bought the stuffed toy and the bowl back in singapore.]

welcome home, rose red and ahab!

it's my first time to try out a flex pen.  i've been practicing writing with it.  i hope i get better soon; i only have one pen and i don't want to waste all that pretty ink!

i used to have a canon ae-1 (the "earlier" version), which i liked so much i took with me to a community immersion in benguet, but i had to return it to the owner soon after owner & i broke up. haha.  it wasn't really his anyway.  oh well.  i'm glad i have this now!


 i also got to take home this nottle of black ink for fountain pens, because eilu the raffle winner didn't want it (she said it reminds her of school days and chinese calligraphy class).  

i cleaned the camera and accidentally 'erased' the "passed" sticker. haha. it can still be seen, though the print's gotten faint.
 practicing by writing christmas greetings...

and wishes!

and humor!  ;)

 awesome stuff just in time for christmas.  truth is, i've been needing help getting into the spirit of the season.  i guess someone up there heard me this time. ;)

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