Monday, October 6, 2008


There is a weekend chore I enjoy doing, one I don't mind spending so much of my time on. I don't even think of it as a chore; it is like a visit to the zoo. Everyday I see my pets (and sometimes when I see them I feel like I'd rather not leave for work but instead cuddle up all day with them and watch movies) but it is during the weekends when I can spend time with them without thinking of traffic and deadlines.

Some of my friends think it's cute and cool that I have a lot of animals in the house; some are disgusted by the very thought that I have rats. Haha. But I wouldn't be me without animals, now would I? So bear with me. At least you know what I do on Sundays when I'm not out doing fieldwork. :-)

This weekend Fuzzy got a warm bath (he was all greasy and couldn't clean himself well; his fur was in clumps), the little big dogs went to the vet for their shots, and the rats got a condo. The friendly neighborhood pet shop ran out of 'houses' (in an earlier blog post I said I'd be buying another--one for each rat--but I didn't get to.). They did have these shoebox-sized enclosures for birds, so I got one of those instead. Pretty big, but it will do. More cuddling space during rains! :)

Gypsy's starting to lose some of her color--her brown stripe's getting gray highlights, turning pepper. I know it was going to happen eventually; I didn't know it would be this soon. Oh well. She's still as lovable as can be. Dublin on the other hand is still her snobbish self and will always try to bite when she feels invaded. So I let her be, and coax her to eat with a spoon.

Prettycat (yes, that's her name) sleeping in a CD holder

Gypsy looking out the window-doorway beside Rizal.

Dublin's 'lofty' house & Gypsy's condo.

Gypsy's best Rizal pose.

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