Sunday, October 19, 2008

i wish my cats were this cuddly

they're actually on their way to a big fight, which would leave them scraggly and uncute. meoooow.

oh, and i've just finished doing some photomanipulations for my Boxed entry. yeah yeah, me doing photomanips. well, i don't manipulate my film shots, just the digital ones, and i did say in my multiply blog that this is just my Plan B. anyway, patikim ito:

not exactly this but something like this. that's the 'feel' of it.

i'd like to think i did okay in the photos i've chosen for the exhibit. well, i like. you be the judge when the exhibit opens in november. i'm not about to post the photos anywhere yet. :)

1 comment:

Kilawinguwak said...

ganda ng grain ah. and to think that's digital.

go go go!