Sunday, March 15, 2009

answers to "what?"

the birthday celebration. friends. the wonderful gifts.

pets sleeping together.

the cebu trip. dried fish, a tour, public transportation. craning my neck to see past the plane wing.

the community visit to maragondon. tagaytay, the beach, squid for lunch, halo-halo by the roadside, pineapples, terrible manila payday-mallwide sale traffic. running to him.

and more:
  • the ferry ride along the pasig river. let's google earth the palace instead. beneath bridges. big black fish.
  • the dave matthews song "crash into me" cut off and replaced by something else, something sung by black-garbed whiners. (man!) the pan de coco. walking.
  • the old church. the children's choir. the sky. the cat caught off-guard.
  • the art in the park. bench seats. the girl on a unicycle. rustling grass paranoia.
  • the interesting dinner in an empty restaurant. the silly laughter when it wasn't empty anymore.
and of course,

the little boy who went with me everywhere.


fortuitous faery said...

that's a cool shirt! and your pets are sooooo adorable posed like that! :)

lauren said...

thanks, my pets have grown to live in harmony. world peace! :)