Sunday, March 22, 2009


just some "themed" photos i'd like to share today.

1st pair: old school.
black and white photos i found in our house (and which i've included in my 'old photos collection').

i love the contrast in this photo...

...and the humor in this one. :)

2nd pair: pink.
a little girl amusing herself (i'm not really sure what she was looking at) at the roxas city airport terminal waiting area, may 2004 i think. both photos were taken with a canon ae-1 slr on kodak max iso400 film.


and curiouser...

3rd pair: my favorite fruit!

this photo is from my first-ever roll with an slr (testing testing depth of field), a canon ftql i "inherited" from my lolo, loaded with kodak max iso400 film. it was the summer of 2003, and a relative from ilocos brought these lovelies. :) happy summer!

this is from the same roxas city trip, one morning when i was alone in the room i shared with my mom then. i got bored a while later and went out to see the city by myself (mama had to work). (i dropped by their museum where i found out that barbie almalbis was a capiz girl. haha. hey, this could be useful information!)

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