Monday, March 16, 2009

monday's ending

homeward, i felt good:
  • on my way home i assisted an elderly lady across the boulevard and helped her onto a jeep.
  • i kept loathsome feelings for one human in check. it was a guy who sat across me in the jeep, who smoked in the vehicle and spit on the road every ten seconds or so. i was sorely tempted to kick him between the legs and squish his (more mature content) to the tune of 'la cucaracha', tempo increased by five times.
  • i saw cute tiny rubber stamps in a store display. they could also serve as erasers. neat!
  • i walked on the other side of the road up to our street, for a change (and something new!)
  • my niece miel gave me a smile when my mom was trying to get her to sleep.
  • i rescued my cat who seemed to get lost in the bathroom!
alright then susa, lauren=zen it is! :)

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