Sunday, March 29, 2009

(sad) sunday news

a ust fine arts--advertising student (and i think, teatro tomasino member) committed suicide (contrary to what the article linked below says--multiply kids said they know her, and she's from cfad) last night.

read the philstar article here:

multiply blog and discussions here:

the news left me shaking my head with a lot of questions. kids breaking down (for whatever reason), when there's really so much more to life.

yesterday one of my sister binkee's friends hyperventilated/broke down/had an attack of depression (i can't really say because i don't know the whole story; chappy just filled me in that the girl was diagnosed with depression) during their graduation.

i am not one to judge people but i know there's a lot that can be said not only about this situation but also about similar circumstances. i can maybe give an hour-long treatise on the many cultural factors leading to fatal decisions (we did study suicide and depression for several meetings in graduate school). but that would be just plain bull--dead kids don't come back, problems aren't solved, the world turns, and people move on.

negative much? i just wish there's more we can do in the future to prevent stuff like these from happening (e.g. in 'typical' pinoy culture, depression is an alien thing, so it's easily dismissed--lengthy discussion here) than just talking about it. do you enact laws? do you make counseling available for everybody? how do you make people understand that it's all right to ask? do you finally recognize that some things just couldn't be brushed aside? do you teach kids to see the brighter side to everything? do you tell parents to stop demanding/expecting too much? or do you just make rooftop rails higher?

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