Monday, March 16, 2009

(at least) one photograph a day

my new project, and i hope to keep it up, is to post at least one photograph a day, anything of interest. i know it's nothing new, but for my friends who know of my ningas cogon habit, this is a great challenge. :) i've been thinking about doing this for quite some time, and i've been feeling so cheery recently (and zen, according to susa), i decided to finally get it started.

so, the daily photoblog is this: everyday's little things. the title was inspired by a friend's artwork (who did give his permission to use the title--thank you, it fits the project perfectly). :) i'll still maintain this blog, of course.

  1. i should post at least one photograph a day.
  2. the photograph(s) must have been taken on the day itself--not before.
  3. the photo(s) must have a short caption.
  4. if ever i would not be able to post for the day (reasons may include not being able to go online, other priorities, whatever), i must include the intended photo(s) in the following day's post (or the next time i would be able to go online), duly noted.
  5. the photo(s) must not be posted anywhere else (in my case, deviantart, multiply, friendster, and in this blog).

eh. so much for rules. let's get things going!

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