Saturday, March 28, 2009

good morning pages

no matter how late i stay up, i always manage to wake up from 6:30-7:00 in the morning. good, huh? well, i have to wake up earlier now, because i, as of april, will be on probationary status in the university. yes, after three years of working there. yes, in the same office. and yes, that's an 8-5 job now, on probation for six months, according to the 'rules' of regularization. masalimuot na usapan 'to.

anyway. this morning i woke up early as usual. first thing i did was to reach for my notebook and my pen. i grabbed my pillow to prop the notebook on it and quickly wrote down what i remembered from the dream i had last night. [side note: yeah yeah i also grabbed the camera. thought the shot would be interesting since i don't do this often. and maybe i wanted to show off our room in all its messy glory, but succeeded only in showing off the bookshelves.]

now, doing the morning pages isn't a regular thing for me; i lack the discipline to do that. (insert sheepish 'hehehe'.) i just write when i had an extremely interesting dream that i'm lucky enough to remember when i wake up.

morning camwhorage (look closely and you'll see my sis bianca behind my right shoulder, her back turned, and by the shelf to my left, the clock that says it's way too early to wake up on a saturday. hahaha.)

so, last night's dream was er, well it had something to do with what s.b. and i were chatting about the past days, something that had to do with family and uh, knowledge (nervous chuckle). i'm not about to post that dream--i wrote it down so i won't forget, anyway. heheheh.

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